Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Herbs: Mozote


scientific name: Triumfetta semitriloba other common names: Pega pega, burr bush, mozote de caballo

growing areas: Native to Central America, the Caribbean, and parts of South America

physical description: Mozote is a shrub that grows to a height of about 3 feet. Its leaves are generally three-lobed and toothed. It produces a yellow flower, and the undersides of the leaves are hairy. • traditional uses: In Costa Rica mozote is used as a treatment for colds and diarrhea. According to Julia Morton, Mexicans use a decoction of the root for treating venereal disease, as well as kidney and liver problems, while a more astringent leaf decoction is used in Yucatan to treat hemorrhoids and leukorrhea. availability and dosage: Available by mail order in the United States and Central America. No information available on dosage.

contraindications: Should be avoided by pregnant women.
special precautions: Consult your physician before beginning any use of an ethnobotanical substance for medicinal purposes.

medical research: None noted.

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