Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Herbs: Kalallo Bush

Kalallo Bush

scientific name: Corchorus siliquosus other common names: Hiera te, malva te, te de la tierra

growing areas: Native to the Virgin Islands and West Indies; also found in Mexico and Central America

physical description: A bush about 3 feet high with short-stemmed leaves. The flowers are yellow and the seed capsule is flat.

traditional uses: A decoction of this plant is reported to be used frequently in Central America as a refreshing drink. In the Virgin Islands the plant is cooked and eaten and used as a treatment for colds. It has been used as a treatment for venereal disease in Yucatan and for bladder trouble and as a bathwater additive in Cuba, according to Julia Morton.

availability and dosage: The product is not believed to be available in the United States.

contraindications: None noted.

special precautions: Consult your physician before beginning any use of an ethnobotanical substance for medicinal purposes.

medical research: None noted.

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