Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Magnets:They're Not Just for Your Fridge!

Magnetism is quickly becoming a household word. According to many researchers in the field of bio-magnetic health, magnetics can be used to balance individuals who have become unhealthy due to overexposure to too many positive producing magnetic fields.

In simple terms, health is a balance of negative/positive magnetic energy. The positive field, which is acid producing, can create such conditions as arthritis, mental confusion, fatigue, pain, insomnia and encourage fat storage. Some of the culprits are processed foods, caffeine, nicotine, toxic chemicals in abundance in cosmetics, colognes, agriculture, auto exhaust, over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

The negative field, producing alkalinity, increases oxygen, encourages deep sleep, reduces inflammation and fluid retention, relieves pain, promotes mental acuity and balance.

The balancers are living foods such as fresh raw vegetables and fruits, restful sleep, reduced consumption of the culprits and the use of negative field magnetic products.

There are a number of products available depending on where the most physical stress is being felt. Magnetic innersoles have proven extremely effective for foot pain, leg problems, including circulation sometimes associated with diabetic neuropathy. They are also used by many athletes or people who stand on their feet for long periods of time for overcoming fatigue.

Back wraps have been used by many for help with back pain associated with such conditions as weak muscles, injuries and arthritis.

Elastic knee and elbow tubes have been used for injury and inflammation in those areas.

Expansion bracelets have proven to eliminate the inflammation in the wrist associated with carpal tunnel syndrome and other pain and inflammation problems of neck and shoulders, including headaches.

The mattress pad is the all time favorite. Bombarding the body with its natural sleep field during the sleep cycles results in a good, deep restful night's sleep, waking with amazing energy, and if suffering from arthritis, often times pain free. Nighttime asthma problems have also been reported relieved.

Also, a magnetic treatment system is available for your home. If you have hard water, you may be interested to know that a half inch of scale lime build-up in your hot water heater can require 70% more energy use to heat the water. Drinking and bathing in magnetized water can improve many health conditions.

How long have magnetics been around? Nature manufactured the first magnet, lodestone, as molten lava spewed from erupting volcanoes cooling and hardening. Due to its iron content it absorbed the earth's magnetism and created the first magnets.

Is magnetic therapy new? No. In China, France, Japan and India, magnetic therapy has long been used to speed the healing of broken bones and soft tissue injuries. However, not all magnets are created equal and persons working with magnets should be aware of the difference. Remember, negative and positive have separate and opposite effects.

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